Dog Becomes A Parking Sensor As She Helps Her Owner Reverse Park The C

Dog Becomes A Parking Sensor As She Helps Her Owner Reverse Park The Car

Parking your car can be such a pain. If you are not very skilled, you might end up hitting your garage wall before you even realize it! That is why car technology has made many drivers’ lives much easier with the help of parking sensors and a reverse camera.

For cars that do not have these features, a good driving school should be able to help you out with your parking woes. But even then, if your car does not have parking sensors, it helps a ton, especially for new drivers, if you have some kind of early warning device that warns you when you are about to hit the wall.

So, where do you get ideas for such a device Well, as it turns out, the internet is full of Einsteins who can help you out with your parking trouble. One internet user resorted to hanging a tennis ball in his garage. He placed the tennis ball in such a position that if the car’s rear is just about to hit the wall, the ball will have touched the car’s rear window, signaling the driver to stop.

But one man managed to raise that level of ingenuity with his take on parking sensors. In the video below, he shows how great his unique parking sensor works. The only downside is that you need to have a pocketful of treats for it to continue to do its job.

As it turns out, the man has recruited his adorable dog to be his sensor. As he gently backs his car into the garage, the dog sits by the wall, signaling him when to stop. For the man to keep reversing, the dog holds out both her paws in a begging position. And when the car is about to hit the wall, the dog barks out loud to signal the driver to stop.

What a smart parking sensor! You don’t even need to spend thousands on a mechanic for maintenance. All it needs is a good old belly rub. Watch the smart dog help her dad reverse park the car in the video below.

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