First-Time Dog Mother Consoled Her Crying Puppies By Giving Them Her T

First-Time Dog Mother Consoled Her Crying Puppies By Giving Them Her Toys

Mothers will always do their best to make sure their babies are alright. We’ve seen this behavior from our own moms, and we can also witness this with wild animals and pets. Of course, our loving pet dogs top that list of animals when it comes to being great mothers. They have so much love to give their humans, let alone their puppies.

However, not all doggos are experts when it comes to being mothers, especially first-timers, just like this adorable Golden Retriever from Zhengzhou, China. This mother dog named Yami gave birth to her first litter of puppies last October of 2020. She has three puppies who are just as cute as her.

As expected, she’s been excellent at taking care of her puppies. She keeps them warm, feeds them, and licks them to clean their fur. But when the three fur babies started to cry, it seemed like Yami didn’t know what to do. However, she did something unusual, and it was caught by the Furbo camera.

Furbo cameras help owners keep an eye on their doggos. The device can also be used to communicate with them and give them treats. Yami’s human, Ms. Lu, was surprised at what she saw that day. She was at work when the puppies started crying, and Yami had no one to help her.

Ms. Lu observed her pooch because she was worried about the puppies. The dog mom was a bit puzzled when she saw Yami walking away from her babies. It was the exact opposite of what she wanted her to do. But after a few seconds, the dog mother came back with one of her toys.

That one toy did not do the trick, so Yami scoured the living room to find more. After a few moments, she came back with more toys for her puppies. She nuzzled her puppies to calm them down, and after quite a while, it worked!

Ms. Lu was amazed at her dog’s unique maternal skills. She posted the video online, and the world just fell in love with Yami and her pups. Check out the Furbo clip below.

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