Incredible Facts About Bats

Incredible Facts About Bats

Do you like bats Well, if you don’t, you’re about to, because these cute little buggers are outright adorable (most of them are, at least).

Bats are amazing creatures and the only flying mammals on the planet. No, the flying squirrels do not count. Despite a lot of similarities, different species of these winged terrors have different lifestyles, appearances, and dietary preferences. Some of them feed on flower nectar while others prefer fresh blood. But what else do we know about them other than “eating them cam cause a pandemic”

Let’s talk incredible bat facts!

1) There are Mexican free-tailed bats that can reach the speed of 60 miles per hour and fly up to 250 miles per night.

2) Vampire bats physically can’t suck blood. They just bite off the skin and lick the wound.

3) Some bats like drinking cow blood, others attack goats, but the white-winged vampire bats have learned to act like chicks in order to fool succulent hens into cuddling with them.

4) Over 50% of all bats in the U.S. are endangered species.

5) Thanks to their unique wings structure, bats fly more efficiently than birds.

6) You can meet bats almost anywhere in the world. From the Arctic Circle to the southern-most points of Argentina and Africa.

7) One very hungry bat can slurp down 600 nasty bugs in 60 minutes.

8) Now imagine 150 big brown bats patrolling over cucumber farms night after night. In one summer, they can help us save billions of dollars!

9) If you were creeped out by vampire bats, just know that somewhere in West Africa there’s a species of bats that use spider webs as blankets.

10) Out of all the bats, only the blood drinkers can move on the ground freely.

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