Loyal Chihuahua Refuses To Leave Owner’s Gravesite

Loyal Chihuahua Refuses To Leave Owner’s Gravesite

A dog’s loyalty is immeasurable; they would do almost anything for their family, even lay their own life on the line. And sometimes, when their owners are gone, they feel like there is an empty void inside of them. This is most especially when they have bonded and stayed so long with each other.

In this story, a Chihuahua showed her love and loyalty for her owner, even beyond her life. When the dog’s owner died, the pooch refused to go home and live the cemetery. She simply lays down next to her grave.

Loyal to the end Theresa Marinay inherited Dita, the Chihuahua mentioned above, when her mother died at 86 years old. She said that Her mom and the dog, named Dita, lived together and were inseparable. Wherever her mom went, Dita would always be in her arms or behind her. Even when her mom was brought to the hospital for congestive heart failure, they would sneak the dog in.

This is because the dog seemed lonely and timid whenever she is away too long from her owner. And Theresa’s mom would always ask her if Dita was fine. So when her mom died, she knew that Dita was as devastated as her.

Visiting grandma Every time Theresa and her husband would go to the cemetery to visit her mom and dad’s grave, they would bring Dita with her. From the moment that the pooch got out of the car, she would run straight to her owner’s grave. She would just lay there, looking sad, missing her grandma. And when it was time to leave, the pooch would refuse to leave.

In a video that Theresa took, Dita was following her new owners back to the car. Then she suddenly stops, looks back then turns around. Dita goes back to the grave and lies down again. Theresa would call the dog but would refuse to acknowledge her.

Heartwrenching moment faithful dog refuses to leave her dead owner's grave and curls up next to memorial - World News - Mirror Online

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