Natural Remedy Options for Toothache

Natural Remedy Options for Toothache

Toothache problem should be figured out. When you find the root cause of your discomfort you can find a solution. Usually salt water and cold compress is used for toothache but if you have a serious problem you should see a dentist.

Before using any remedies down below, make sure you talk with your dentist.

Salt Water Rinse for Toothache

Salt water rinse for toothache is very common. Salt water is a disinfectant therefore it can help you with toothache. Salt water is also going to help you with oral wouns if you have any. To use this approach add 1 tablespoon of salt to 1 glass of warm water. Use it as a mouthwash whenever you feel the discomfort.

Colf Press for Toothache

Cold press for toothache is another common approach. It will help you to relieve pain from toothache. The reason is when you compress something cold, the blood vessels around there constrict. To use this approach take towel wrapped ice and hold it for at least 20 mins long. Repeat the same thing for every few hours. Do not compress ice onto your skin directly.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Toothache

Hydrogen peroxide for toothache is especially good for gum infections. Usually, gum infections appear because of the poor oral hygiene. Infections cause bleeding gums and soreness. Rising your mouth with hyrdrogen peroxide will help you reduce the bad symptoms. Always dilute hydrogen peroxide with water. Do not swallow it. It will be dangerous.

This toothache remedy is not suitable fort he children because they might swallow the hydrogen peroxide accidentally. Instead, they can use pepperming tea bags. It will relieve the pain grom toothache and it has not risks. Tea bags contain antioxidants and antibacterials. It will give the numbing effest on sensitive parts.

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