The boy is sleeping with the Dog-Sleeping With Your Dog In Your Bed Is

The boy is sleeping with the Dog-Sleeping With Your Dog In Your Bed Is Actually Really Good For You, Says Study

As if you needed any more of a reason to spend time with your dog, a study has revealed that sleeping alongside our furry friends has benefits other than just helping us stay warm. 

More often than not, dogs will go out of their way to make us happy. Whether it’s bringing gifts of socks or old toys or greeting you at the door with an enthusiastic tail-wag, their love for us can never be doubted.

The same can’t always be said for cats, who often act like they’re too good for humans, or even other humans, who regularly cause frustration.

Dog on bed

That’s why it’s not all that surprising that dogs are better sleeping partners than both humans and cats. According to a study conducted by Christy L. Hoffman, from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, dogs’ sleep patterns more closely mirror those of humans.

Cats, on the other hand, pretty much sleep when they want, meaning those who sleep next to dogs instead of cats are able to stick to a stricter sleep schedule.

The study interviewed 962 women across the US, 55% of which shared the bed with at least one dog. A total of 57% shared the bed with a human partner, while 31% shared the bed with at least one cat.

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If you’re someone who often gets the covers yanked away from you in the middle of the night, or who wakes up to find yourself confined to a mere slither of the mattress, you won’t be shocked to learn that dogs were perceived to be less disruptive for sleep than both human partners and cats.

Dogs also scored higher on comfort and security in comparison to cats and other humans, and dog owners reported earlier sleep and wake times than cat owners and participants without pets.

Dogs sleeping on bed

The results suggest that those who allow man’s best friend to share the covers with them will have more chance of feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep free of distractions and late-night sprints around the house. The latter is something cat owners will be able to relate to, though there might be a few people whose human partners enjoy this kind of pastime, too.

The researchers explained:

Dog ownership and its associated responsibilities may cause individuals to adhere to a stricter routine. Keeping to a consistent sleep schedule may be beneficial to dog owners.

If you’re someone who has previously prevented the dog from snoozing on the bed, it’s time to face facts. They might get a bit of fur on the duvet, but you’ll be sleeping easier as a result of it.

Sleeping With Your Dog In Your Bed Is Actually Really Good For You, Says Study - UNILAD

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