Therapy Dog Helps Dental Patients Get Over Their Anxiety

Therapy Dog Helps Dental Patients Get Over Their Anxiety

Recent research states that more than a third of dental patients suffer from some form of anxiety whenever they go to their appointments. For many of us, this number seems a little low. We know all too well how reluctant people can get when it comes to visiting their dentists.

Residents of Zanesville, Ohio, are fortunate because they have a dental clinic where they have a dog that can help them relax. In fact, some patients are even looking forward to their next appointment.

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At Sulens Dental Studio, a one-year-old Labradoodle named Dwight regularly goes with her dental hygienist mom to work. There, he greets the patients and interacts with them. His mere presence alone alleviates the fears of the people.

Dwight started his therapy dog training when he was just three months old and continues to do so today. Jensen McVey, Dwight’s trainer, said that the dog was a natural-born therapy dog. From the moment they first met, he knew that we would be perfect for the job.

Jensen said that Dwight is very sweet and gentle and loves everyone he meets. The adorable pooch has a very calm demeanor that helps relieve stress in people. But he also said that Dwight is also very playful and can become very active when he gets excited and it was time for fun.

The job

As soon as a patient comes in, Dwight runs up to them and greets them with a wagging tail. He sits with them in the waiting area, and sometimes, he would even join them while they are having their procedure. He would sit right next to the patient where they could reach him, and there would even be times when he would lay on top of them.

Children adore Dwight, and he removes the fear they have during their visits. He is trained to make his presence felt so that they can take their mind off the dental work they are having. And with the way he smiles and wags his tail, it looks like he is enjoying his work immensely.

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