Unusual Animals That Still Look Charming

Unusual Animals That Still Look Charming

They’re not the best looking, but they all have a charm to them that makes them stand out from their peers. And they all have Instagram pages where you can follow their adventures, too. Because that’s the world we live in now, and it’s important to put these things on the internet.

Prepare yourselves for the wonderful world of quirky Instagram animals. Avast, ye!

Juniper, the Happy Fox

While foxes are usually associated with being troublesome animals that feast on small livestock, Juniper is a chipper little fellow that just walks through the days smiling at life. That said, he doesn’t have the prettiest smile in the book. But the real question here is: does he need to Just look at how cute he is!

Ludwik, the Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs aren’t the most beautiful animals to look at, and ol’ Ludwik is certainly no exception to that rule. For some reason he seems to only have a bit of hair on his nose and is bald for pretty much the rest of his body (as far as I can see). Some of these pictures seem to imply the little guy is also stuck in corona lockdown, like so many of us. Good thing he seems to be able to work from home!

Ethel, the Glamour Tort

Ethel is nothing more than a lovely sulcata tortoise that washed ashore to live a life of glamour among the human overlords. She seems to absolutely love the camera and the camera sure loves her too! I think we should all be happy that Ethel decided to share her specific brand of shade with us instead of remaining in the ocean where none of us could enjoy how fabulous she is.

Esther, the Wonder Pig

Esther is a pig that loves doing what pigs do best, as her Instagram shows: sticking her nose in the mud and taking lots of lovely naps. It’s hard to hate an animal for making all the right choices in life, so Esther gets my stamp of approval!

Bikke, the Chip

Chipmunks are a dime a dozen, but Bikke has that certain X factor to set him apart from the rest. Just look at the way he eats his acorns. Now that’s a glorious chipmunk if I’ve ever seen one. His hobby’s seem to be eating, eating and, well, eating. Can’t say I disagree with this particular Japanese chip!

Jack, the Wallaby

It’s very important to note that wallaby’s aren’t kangaroo’s, and Jack isn’t even that big of a wallaby. According to his bio, he likes to hop and likes grass. There’s also an almost perpetual sadness in his eyes, but I’m sure there’s plenty of fun to be had in his house in Nashville!

Wally, the Bunny

After all these glorious animals, it only makes sense that we’d finish off this list strong. Just look at this bunny. Wally looks like something went wrong when genetics decided how his fur would turn out, and it’s surely a sight none of us will ever forget. Thanks for that, Wally!

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