Vet Has A ‘Comfort Dog’ Who Assists Anxious, Sick Pets

Vet Has A ‘Comfort Dog’ Who Assists Anxious, Sick Pets

Going to the doctors can cause anxiety for almost anyone, and our pets are not exempt.

The vets office, much like a doctors office can be a scary and confusing place for a pet. It smells weird and looks weird in there as well as usually having some weird people around you.

It’s all pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re already feeling unwell.

So it’s pretty amazing that in this world exists a pup like the one in the photo below. He works as a ‘comfort dog assistant’ in a vets office. His job is exactly what it says on the tin, to comfort and soothe any potentially anxious or nervous patients.

It’s crazy to think how much comfort such a small action can do. It’s amazing! Props to this pup and the vet who came up with the idea!

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