20 Delightful Pictures Of Animal Parents With Their Babies

20 Delightful Pictures Of Animal Parents With Their Babies

The protective and loving role a parent has for its child it’s not only found in humans. Animals as well do whatever it takes to make sure their child it’s safe, has food to eat and above all its loved and cared for.

Our furry friends bring some deep emotions when we see what they do  for their little one. Below you’ll see some pictures of them close to their babies, with a proud look in their face and ready to face the world just to protect them.

1) A photographer decided to take some pictures of Lilica, a pregnant dog. We can hardly think of a happier mommy.

              © Anna Fotografia / Facebook


2) A father and his son

              © K7NGComment / Reddit

3) A family where no one likes to look at the camera


4) Maternal instinct

               © MeanSalamander / Reddit

5) Family idyll

             © juiiar / Reddit


6) Let’s greet this new dad!

              © Queen0fPentacles / Reddit

7) Happiness is when your mom is by your side.

               © Amadinka / Reddit

8) Waiting at the airport

              © afterdroid / Reddit

9) A parent is a great protector…

              © tarkovsky2186 / Reddit


10) …and the best friend!

© Reuters

11) Well-organized

                © Final_Leek / Reddit

12) They’ll treat you like a family member even if you’re different.

               © urboiDecwise / Reddit

13) “After all, it doesn’t matter that you’re not my child…”

               © Pigoonlet / Reddit


14) There’s no such thing as someone else’s children.

15) When you feel how powerful a parent’s love is:


© Eastnews

16) Mom’s pride

             © cyXie / Reddit


17) 3 generations in 1 picture


18) Finally fell asleep…

                 © CarelessCry / Reddit

19) Sometimes we think that someone else gets more love from their parents than we do…

              © PhellowHuman / Reddit

20) …but in fact, they all love us equally.


                   © sportsonline2019 / Reddit


Bonus: Even a toy needs love.

               © rkellyjr / Reddit

Preview photo credit Anna Fotografia / Facebook

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