Elephant Waits Weeks For Injured Dog BFF To Return, Watch As They’re

Elephant Waits Weeks For Injured Dog BFF To Return, Watch As They’re Finally Reunited

Elephants are among some of the most intelligent animals in the world, their brains are similar to us humans.

Although they aren’t just smart animals, they are very social and have the ability to communicate with each other using an array of sounds among other things to do things like warn of possible dangers and calling on their family.

They have been known to show emotions such as love and grievances, just like us humans.

At The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee US, sick and elderly female elephants are given a safe environment to live out their final days, surrounded by experts who can help them meet their individual needs.

Currently, there are only 10 elephants in the sanctuary, it isn’t open to the public but they do get to play with each other.

One particular elephant though has made a very special friendship – with a dog called Bella. The two of them do everything together.

Interspecies relationships aren’t too uncommon, but they are still beautiful every time we see them.

One day, Bella injured her back and wasn’t able to walk, so she was forced to rest in a special treatment center for three weeks.

Tara was overwhelmed by seeing Bella suffer so much, yet she refused to abandon her bestie.

For three weeks, rather than roam her 1800 acre habitat, Tara stood right outside the treatment center waiting for her best friend Bella to come out and play again.

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