How Does Dogs Give Birth?

How Does Dogs Give Birth?

Puppies are usually born in 45 to 60 mins. Some puppies born tail first. Giving birth can be a frightining thing.

It can be painful for most the dogs. Knowing and understanding normal delivery is important. First you want to build a nest. Mum will want t private place to ive birth. An ideal nest would be a large carboard box. You can fill it with clean blankets and even towels.

Help Your Dog During Labour

Helping your dog to give birth is very important. Your dog’s labour should be smooth. You may want to take your dog to vet. Have dry towels and scissors during the birth. You may need a basket for puppies.

Know the Signs of Labour

Signs of labour are easy to recognize. One of the first signs you will see is mum’s body temperate will be around 38 C. You need to measure your dog’s temperature at least twice a day in the final week of pregnant. If you do not know how to do it, you can ask your vet to Show you. If your dog gets stress when you try to take temperature then do not.

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