Woman Rescues Half-Bald Puppy – After Three Months, She’s Unrecognizable

Woman Rescues Half-Bald Puppy – After Three Months, She’s Unrecognizable

'She’s amazing. She’s just the kindest and sweetest thing.'

Not all animals are blessed with loving owners. Sadly, some of them receive horrible treatment from humans. This unfortunate truth makes their lives awful and unimaginable.
But coins always have two sides. Though cruel people exist in this world, I believe that there are still many people out there who genuinely love animals.

Jessie DeFreitas of West Sussex is probably one of these people.

Her overflowing love for animals brought a big change to a dog that had a terrible past. The first time she saw this puppy namely Honey, she was shocked because of its condition.

She met this poor little dog in the vet’s office where she worked. It was brought by its former owners who apparently did not take care of her.

Thankfully, she was brought to a place where a person like Jessie can be found.

  • “Everyone at the vet knows I’m a huge animal lover. When I was told we had a new dog, I had to see her. She may have had mange, but she had beautiful eyes.”

Honey’s photos that were taken when she was brought to the vet’s office show how poor her condition was at that time. She had gone bald as she lost her fur because of mange – which is a skin disease caused by mites.
This skin disease causes severe itching which can result in having open sores, scabs, and worst, hair loss.
Jessie already had four cats and a dog at that time when she saw Honey’s condition so she all had the reasons not to foster it.
But she neglected those reasons. She listened to her heart. Though she had many pets back then, she knew that she needed to change Honey’s life.

  • “The vet said if the dog wasn’t signed over to the office, she wouldn’t have survived. ‘She needed constant care. I asked to foster the dog. My mum asked if I was sure because we already have four cats and another rescue dog at home. But everyone knows I love animals. At the vets, I’m constantly asking about people’s pets.”

Because of her undesirable past, Honey seemed unsure of how to receive the love that her new human best friend has been giving her.

“When we first brought her home, she was a playful biter. Her original name, Honey, didn’t fit her at all. To me, Honey is sweet and she is not. My mum named her Terra with an ‘a’ because it fit her better – she can be a little terror.”

Living a better life
Ever since Jessie has taken over Terra’s welfare, everything got better for the pup. Her fur grew back and she became healthier in all aspects – which is far from how she looked back then.

“She’s recovered really well. You can see it in her eyes – she’s become happier and happier.”

There are also many changes when it comes to her attitude which she probably acquired from her loving owners.
“She’s amazing. She’s just the kindest and sweetest thing.”
Jessie and her mom evidently showered so much love to Terra that it only took her three months to become healthier and better. People who have beautiful hearts made Terra beautiful not only on the outside but also on the inside.
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