25 Adorable Pictures Portraying Animal Parenting

25 Adorable Pictures Portraying Animal Parenting

You will see what unconditional love is when you have a child. A parent’s love knows no boundaries and this applies for both humans and animals. The instinct to protect your baby and do anything to make them feel safe is the most heartwarming thing.

When it comes to the animal world, ecologist tend to separate animals into two groups based on their parenting, the r and K categories. The K category includes animals like elephants, cats and also humans. Animals that have relatively few offspring with longer gestational periods. Their fewer offspring require more focused care, and for a longer time, the sort of parenting that humans do with their newborn. While on the other hand, parents from r category go for quantity over quality, with many offspring that grow quickly and individually have small chance to survive.
In these heart-melting pictures below of animal parenting, you will be able to see the same tenderness and also stressfulness that we have experienced as children or parents.


Image credits: Anton Belovodchenko

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Image credits: Igor Shpilenok

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Image credits: Jan Pelcman

Image credits: Laurie Rubin

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Image credits: Chuck Babbitt


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